Asthma relief - the easy vitamin way

By Marian Shepherd Slee

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This book shows how one Australian woman beat asthma! She gives an account of a unique and simple technique for controlling asthma. Motivated by a desire to cure her own asthma, and help other sufferers, Marian experimented and researched for many years. In 1980, through a misunderstanding, she accidentally discovered her cure for asthma, namely that it was a vitamin A deficiency which had to be taken with vitamin E. Through radio and magazine articles, she spread the news and gained an impressive portfolio of success stories. Here are some excellent case studies & testimonials:

Case study 1 : Brad

(Copy of Letter)

Date: February 2010


I am a fit forty year old who developed heart issues last year and worked out it was my asthma medication so I have been actively looking for alternatives.

My partner found an old copy of your book when she was at our local shop. I read it with some doubt but took it on anyway.

HOLY SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One month later I haven't needed ANY medication and have been able do very intense exercise sessions in heat and/or rain etc with perfect lung function.

My heart feels great as it isn't full of asthma medication.

My IBS seems to be 50 to 75% better to boot.

Thanks for your wisdom!!

Life is good.

Brad Westfall

Case Study 2 : Helen

(Copy of Email)

Date: July 2007

My name is Helen. I have a three year old son, Thomas, who last autumn/winter spent quite a few months coughing so hard he would throw up, getting colds which were followed by breathing difficulties. He was diagnosed with asthma last July and he was prescribed ventolin. He would get a cold every two months which would end with a bout of asthma and I would give him ventolin and predmix. I tried to eliminate preservatives, additives, etc out of his diet. I really didn't see any difference at all.

This autumn the cycle started again, only worse. Every morning he sneezes and gets sniffles. A few days of this was enough to set off asthma. He was constantly pale and ate very little.

Two months ago his doctor totally contradicted his treatment and I walked out of his office feeling very confused and unsure of how to treat my son. I started to go down the path of finding a natural treatment. By accident I stumbled across your book in my local chiropractor's office and borrowed it.

At this stage my son had a chest infection and was on antibiotics and my local chemist had suggested I give him probiotics. I also started him on a kids multivitamins which had 2500 iu of vitamin A. Plus I give him some vitamin C. Within days I started noticing a difference.

It has now been four weeks (early days yet I know), but Thomas is a totally different child. He is no longer pale, he barely coughs. He has had sniffles, caught a cold which has led to nothing else and he has almost gained one kg in weight. I cannot believe how something so simple has helped Thomas so much.

Thankyou so much.

Yours sincerely,

Helen Bignell

Case Study 3 : Michelle

(Copy of Email)

Date: May 2006

Hi Marian,

I am so glad to have found you!

I have a 2 year old son, Jimmy, who is a miracle child. I was told at the age of 19 that I could not have children. I spent years and thousands of dollars on IVF to be told that unless I looked at egg donation, my quest for a family was over. 6 years later at the age of 40 I fell pregnant. He truly is a miracle boy. He is a caring, intelligent and extremely active child.

The week before Easter he woke with laboured breathing and a cough. The GP diagnosed croup which was endemic in Darwin at the time. Over the 7 weeks following he has been back and forth to the GP, in an ambulance one night, unable to breathe properly and we have all suffered from lack of sleep and great worry.

He is now on Ventolin up to 8 times a day, a preventer and redipred for those awful times. It gets better with all of these drugs over a few days, but a week later it flares up again with the next runny nose, I am at my wit's end.

He was a healthy child up until this point. He eats nothing but home cooked meals, drinks only water and soy formula that I can't get him off, and has never had preservatives, lollies, junkfood etc. Never had antibiotics, medicines, never thrown up - always a picture of health.

One of the playgroups we attend (I'm a stay at home Mum) had no children suffering from asthma. In the last month there are 4 of us who are going through the same thing with our 2 and 3 year olds.

I borrowed every book in Darwin on the subject from the library and read yours the other day. I wept and wept after reading it. The chance to offer my son a possible alternative was everything to me.

This morning I purchased the vitamins.

Thank you Marian for making such a difference to our confusion and desperation.

Kind regards,

Michelle Parker

(Copy of Email)

Date: July 2006

Dear Marian,

Wonderful to hear from you...

Now. For the big news that I have wanted to tell you for some time now. You are a miracle worker! I started Jimmy on the A, E and C each day in the latter part of May. He had been unwell for so long. Within a week he was back to his normal self and has not had one sick day with viruses or 'asthma' or anything else ever since. I have spread the message to anyone and everyone within earshot and ordered a few of your books to give to friends.

The absolute confirming proof happened recently. I had been working lunchtimes at the office for about a week 3 weeks ago and had left the preparation of his bottle and vitamins with his Dad. Dad forgot the vitamins and I assumed it was being done. Within 2 weeks his cough was back and the rattle in his chest. Back on his vitamin regime and now he's a picture of health again. I now have full confidence in the Vitamin A deficiency theory and have espoused to everyone that as babies are born with low levels of A, and then our lifestyles mean more and more viruses, they are then stripped of vitamin A. Jimmy is living proof.

I think about you often Marian - in fact every time I add his vitamins to his drink - and I say thank you to you each and every time.

From the bottom of my heart - thank you for giving good health back to my Jimmy.

Kind regards,

Michelle Parker

Case study 4 : Ronald

(Copy of Letter)

Date: May 2004

Dear Marian,

I found your contact details at last searching through the internet. I want to let you know how you made a difference in my life.

My asthma history is the most severe. Having asthma since childhood, initially on Intel (remember the capsule where you use a device to puncture two holes and atrovent and ventolin) but the condition grew worse. I am forty years old now but during my primary school days our family doctor would come at night to give me injections to calm down the wheezing. One time I had to spend one week in hospital on the drip and on hydrocortisone and prendisone (peakflow was only 90). I also needed cortisone for my sinuses (rhinolar) and for the dermatis (celestone V cream). The specialist at the time also started me on becotide, severent spray and Theodor.

About ten years ago I nearly had to go to hospital again. Luckily, the pulmicort and prednisone worked. My immune system was so weak I would get slight asthma three to four time a day and woke up at night every night. My nose would bleed due to the rhinolar and my skin thinned.

About seven years ago, my ex girlfriend, worried about my health, heard from a friend that someone on television said that certain vitamins may be helpful. I went to Dymocks and found your book. Since starting on Vitamin A, E & C for six years my breathing capacity increased from around 30% to 95% this year. I am no longer on any sprays and just one tablet Singulair and of course vitamins.

I am glad that you have kept your deal with God in publicising your cure.

God bless you.


Case study 5 : Darren

(Copy of Letter)

Date: September 1985

Dear Marian,

I refer to your previous letter concerning the use of vitamins in the treatment of asthma. I am most pleased to provide the following information:

1. In 1983 I had cause to visit my doctor because it appeared I had developed an asthmatic problem. The symptoms were brought on by exercise; I enjoy jogging and other forms of exercise. Secondly, as the evening approached my chest would 'tighten' and my breathing would be mainly to and from the top of my lungs.

2. My doctor prescribed Bricanyl and Becotide which I regularly (each day) blew into my mouth.

3. I was somewhat concerned that at the age of 41, I was relying on this form of medication.

4. A friend of ours advised me of a treatment she had read about for the type of complaint I was suffering. (I should say the problem was not a major one but it was uncomfortable at times and the discomfort appeared to be worsening). I had to give up my regular jogging.

5. The treatment I then followed (and still do religiously) involved taking vitamins A, C & E. I also take one aspirin per day on my doctor's advice to assist with keeping my blood thinner than it would be otherwise.

6. I commenced this procedure in 1983 and have had no asthma problems since. In fact in 1983, 84 and this year I ran as linesman around the boundary for my son's Australian Rules football team and can jog for an hour or more with no breathing problems. The cold evening air no longer has any adverse effect on my breathing.

I trust that this information is of assistance to you. Should the researcher wish to talk with me about my use of vitamins, I would be pleased to meet with him.

Best wishes in your endeavours,

Yours sincerely,



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