The magic formula

The fight against asthma requires a three pronged attack: Vitamins A,C & E. Marian's theory:

Asthma is a vitamin A deficiency. Vitamin A must always be taken with vitamin E (to protect the A) and some vitamin C is usually required as well.

Dramatic Fall in Rates of Childhood Asthma

Stunning reductions have just been reported in the incidence of asthma in children. More...


Japanese researchers have published a paper on the correlation between vitamin A deficiency and asthma incidence.

For more details: Japanese asthma research.

For more details: Vitamin A research.

Asthma relief - the easy vitamin way

This is the new and expanded edition of the asthma book that went to number five on bestseller lists a decade ago. Marian Shepherd Slee is the Queensland mother of six who was severely restricted by asthma and went on to find her own cure. A natural, drug-free way to relieve asthma that has now worked over the years for many others, including children and the elderly.

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